Command the Universe for All of your Wishes

Here is a Innovative plan: COMMAND the universe to manifest your dreams and needs!
Rather then talk to our Father and the universe for favors and needs it is actually time that we command the universe to concentration its Electricity on a certain want then manifest it into our minds and lives. Once we do that we are not currently being egotistical or self-centered we're only affirming the truth of who and what we are. We are affirming our divinity and existence as the child of the creator from the universe. As such We've currently inherited each of the abundance of wellness, wealth, joy and contentment. After we command the universe for your want we have been only demanding what we already have but don't comprehend it or see it inside our illusionary entire world of duality. We're so hypnotized by our illusionary globe of scarcity and abundance, health and health issues and love and hate that we are unable to see every one of the abundance that we already have. It is our command to your universe to manifest the reality of what exists in order that we may lastly see it in our life and believe that it A lot more on a daily basis.
Most of us are worthy of a miracle everyday for we've been God's little one. It truly is our reality and reality. A wonder to your planet of illusionary actuality is just the manifestation of what's standard and normal inside a entire world of true fact. It is not anything special, it is what we have already got.
I lately gained an email from a famed author, Instructor and believer in oneness, Gerald O'donnell. He said that he experienced approached two-3 Medical professionals because of a bump on his experience. All of them confirmed that it seemed malignent. Just one night time he mediated on this tumor and commanded the universe to concentrate all its Electricity over the tumor and heal it. In 36 hrs he went again to his physician and also to his amazment the tumor was long gone! It now not existed!
Know now the great electricity that exists in just your mind and believed as a result of who you actually are. Not believe who You're not. mala matura Cast out your ego and self-centeredness now because you no more want its illusionary security. Command the universe to support heal you and Other folks
Dare to Command the universe to mainfest all abundance of wellness, prosperity & Pleasure into your life currently as a result of who you are & then give wonderful gratitude to the Father.
Dare to request miracles each day, it is your inheritance as the kid of God.
Dare to believe in Pleasure and happiness devoid of unhappiness and agony
....after which Dare to Know that only singularity exists in genuine fact without having every one of the illusions on the duality of opposites or degree of oppposites.
Enjoy the abundance of right now and dread not everything unique tomorrow. Permit the duality of the globe be witnessed but not believed for it is only a reflection of incorrect notion of the reality. Know overall enjoy, joy, joy and peace is all There is certainly...and it will change your daily life endlessly.

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